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Handling Server Disaster Recovery and Database Issues

ExaGridDba offers server disaster recovery, performance diagnoses, and more to the banking and credit systems at businesses in New York City. Brian Fitzgerald, a system administrator, is adept at assisting businesses with project delays, data integrity, and organization.

Database Administration

Brian helps businesses achieve transformative performance breakthroughs by utilizing Exadata. You'll be walked through space management procedures while being able to view the measurable savings. He can assist with total stack insight, from application to database to operating system. He will provide your business with airtight access controls so you can manage your backup, restoration, and disaster recovery.

Peers respect Brian, who has more than 15 years of DBA and Unix SA experience, for his work in:

• Database Administration
• System Administration
• Networks
• Storage
• Executive Management

His Specific Experience Includes:

• Storage Provisioning
• Migration
• Configuring, Monitoring, and Backups
• Diagnosing Performance
• Space Management
• Overseeing Multi-Terabyte Enterprise Databases

His Database Skills Include:

• Oracle Database 12c®
• Exadata
• GoldenGate®
• Data Guard®
• RAC®
• Grid Control®
• Oracle Enterprise Linux 6®
• SAN®
• Hibernate®
• MQ Series®

His Computer Language Skills Are:

• Perl
• Java
• C#
• C++
• C
• Assembler

Exadata Proof of Value Test

In order to prove the value of his services, Brian ran a test with Oracle engineers to demonstrate Exadata's linear scalability. Before his arrival, an investment bank's equity compliance report took one hour to run when using Sun M5000. When it ran on Brian's Exadata X2-2, the report still ran in an hour, but the input was increased tenfold from 40 million to 400 million.


When working with Brian, you'll receive quick and decisive Exadata proof of value tests. Exadata will be custom installed to meet your business' requirements and include features, such as query offloading, hybrid compression, and flash cache.

Brian works with many well-known companies. His clients include:

• J.P.Morgan®
• Estée Lauder®
• Old Lane, LP®
• Royal Bank of Canada®
• Credit Suisse®
• Merrill Lynch®